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J.Fla ( 제이플라 ) - 바보같은 STORY ( M/V Teaser ) (by JFlaMusic

I hope you guys remember her! She was a youtuber and she’s releasing her album. She’s an amazing singer and can sing anything. So happy for her. Support. support. support. #jfla 

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I’m just reminded how talented Josiah is. Just listen. You’re welcome.

fave line starts 1.48 “somebody please call the doc…”

…talented friends.

I’m just humbled all around that I get to work with so many of them and call them friends. 

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YTIndie Breaking News

Rebecca Black cover of “We Can’t Stop” described as “beautiful”.

I don’t even want to hear the original of this song by Miley Cyrus. This acoustic version is melo with a nice slight country feel, the genre that the original artist seemed to want to abandon. Jon D’s (simplyspoons) strong male vocals blends perfectly with Black’s. She might not be everyone’s favorite artist but you must give respect where respect is due. Way to go Rebecca. Keep it up!

Hate on her all you want, but one thing she has over many is an audience. More people know who she is over the average youtube singer. This song was a smart move for Rebecca teaming up with Jon, even smarter move for Jon.

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Falling in love - @2NE1 (acoustic english version) || cover by Izzy Salinel @ygent_official

The amazing Izzy Salinel has such a way words. Her latest cover for all the blackjacks around the world. An english cover of Falling in Love.

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Awkward, I’m at Pizza Pizza and look who comes on the TV

One of my favorite songs


Awkward, I’m at Pizza Pizza and look who comes on the TV

One of my favorite songs

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Mali Music - All I Have Cover By Aaron Cole at HE MENS Conference (by AColeGospel) Wow. This kid is greatness only 14!

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"I can clearly see this song as soundtrack of "Catching Fire"" .War Island⎢Brittany Mullen Feat. Leroy Sanchez (by Leroy Sanchez)

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Wanya Morris x Micheal Jackson = This guy. BTW, this should be an ad @Wendys

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@dhataznj  ‘s 50 Facts About Me. Jay seems a lot happier now that he’s home.

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Indie YouTube

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