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Indie YouTube

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Awkward Hellos- my latest video

2 years ago - 5 notes

Tips On How To Avoid Bad Haircuts (by FlySnailFly)

hahah this was hilarious. 

2 years ago - 0 notes

I FAILED (by ilikealison)

2 years ago - 0 notes

Calling ALL musicians!! If you’re interested in a collab!!! 

MUSICAL COLLAB? (by MicaylaBussieres)

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2 years ago - 14 notes

Weekend Worship - Nothing But The Blood (Jesus Culture Cover) (by thefumusic)

2 years ago - 14 notes


Hey guys, we made this video to answer some questions we’ve been asked a lot; how did we get started, how do we go about writing, some personal info, so hope you guys enjoy!!

2 years ago - 5 notes


» FAVORITE YOUTUBERS - Gunnarolla (x)

Aww, thanks! Blue is a good look. Happy Anniversary to the Animated GIF!

2 years ago - 166 notes

Duffy - Mercy (Daeho Cover) (by DaehoTV)

2 years ago - 1 note

Human Nature - Michael Jackson (by GMD3music)

2 years ago - 3 notes

Indie YouTube

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